Sorshe Ilish

Ilish is called the king of the fish

What is Sorshe Ilish?

Sorshe Ilish does not need any definition. Ilish or Hilsa is a fish that is very much famous in the Indian Subcontinent. The most famous and tasty ilish fish is found in the Padma river in Bangladesh. Any dish prepared with ilish is very much popular among Bengali people and Sorshe Ilish is one of the very popular mouthwatering preparations which most Bengalis cannot ignore.

Main Ingredients: –

Ilish fish and mustard powder are the most important ingredients to prepare the dish. Other ingredients are easily available and most of them are stored in the kitchen for regular use.

The idea of costs: –

Ilish is a costly fish and Sorshe Ilish is relatively a costly preparation. Mostly Ilish is available during the rainy season so that time the cost is quite less. Other ingredients are not that costly. 1kg of big size ilish fish costs around Rs. 900 to 1200 around at my place. So considering this price of ilish fish the costs of the recipe can be Rs 1100 to 1400 approximately.

Expected time: –

The cooking time of this preparation can take a maximum 40min and not more than that. I took the snap after my mother prepared this at home in lunch. It looks so delicious and the taste was awesome.

Shorse Ilish is best to eat with hot white rice. It tastes just awesome. Ilish is my favourite fish. I love any preparation of ilish and Shorse ilish I just loved it like anything. There are lots of food lover doesn’t like ilish because of lots of fishbone but I can bet that everyone loves the taste of the ilish.

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