Chicken Vape

Chicken Vape

What is chicken vape?

Chicken Vape is completely a new dish after I started cooking. I cooked it using steam and I haven’t used a single drop of oil. First time I have tried and it was a super tasty dish.

Main ingredients: –

Chicken is the main ingredient of this dish. The piece of chicken should be smaller. Apart from that onion & tomato paste are also 2 important ingredients. Other spices like jeera powder, coriander powder etc are used which easily available at home for regular cooking.

The idea of costs: –

The cost of the dish is standard. The main cost depends on the price of the chicken. 1kg poultry chicken prices Rs 180 to 200 around at my place. So considering the chicken price the total cost of the recipe can be Rs 330 to 370 approximately.

Expected time: –

To prepare the dish needs time. You have to first marinate the chicken and keep it for 2 – 3 hours minimum and for cooking it will take around 1 hour of time (preparation time depends on the amount of chicken).

It is best to serve with rice, biryani, roti, paratha etc. This is taste awesome.

I prepared this dish at my friend’s house for lunch and it was a surprise dish for them and they loved it. This is the first experimental dish that was loved by all of my friends. I was always thinking of a preparation where I shouldn’t use a drop of oil and then I tried this recipe. I believe that everybody will love this recipe and should cook multiple times.

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If you like the dish and want to know the recipe please comment below. I will definitely share the recipe with everyone.

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